Ten Reasons to Read Aloud to your students...

  1. Hear new words;
  2. Develop sentence sense and an ear for rhythm;
  3. Enjoy and compare diverse writing styles;
  4. Create common connections to ideas (as a class);
  5. Use reading as a springboard to discussion and writing;
  6. Gain new knowledge and understanding;
  7. Hear standard forms of English;
  8. Learn about a variety of writing genres;
  9. Feel things they've never felt before;
  10. Share a wonderful time with you and your favorite read-aloud books!

Take a look, it's in a book...

Need help finding the perfect book for a class lesson or student interest? Use the following links to search for the books you need!

Nancy Keane's Children's Literature Webpage:
A database chalk full of links to websites that will help you find the perfect book you need!

Or, feel free to download any of the following bibliographies. These are a great resource for topics that might come up in your curriculum or situations that you might deal with in the classroom. Thank you to Lolly Robinson's Children and Adolescent Literature students at Harvard Graduate School of Education for allowing me to share these with you!